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Thanks for taking the time to look at my page. Attention is valuable and I appreciate having some of yours.

After working as a learning and development manager at a premium education service for 10 years, I am now working on learning and development projects, and developing ideas into enterprises.

I am interested in meeting partners, collaborators, contributors, allies, and supporters. Enemies are also welcome.

Over the past 10 years, I have taught and trained about 10,000 hours; recruited, hired and on-boarded dozens of colleagues; planned, scheduled, and followed up on 100,000's hours of classes, courses, workshops, meetings, parties, and events.

Architecture training gave me skills to design, and engage with problems at the root and not merely fall in love with solutions.

Founding, co-founding, collaborationBusiness and organisational developmentLearning, development and purpose CX and SX
Take a look at the active projects and the past projects in the archive (email me for the password, don't be shy).

More career details on [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/

Experimental aesthetics and tagging on Instagram. Much more reserved on Twitter.

If you are interested in talking, then I would be sincerely delighted to get your message.


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Ryan O'Shea



Language coaching with groups and individualsCLL, TBL, Dogme ELTSystems testing for EXIT#9Self-funded and LAUNCHED!


Exit App

Gamified on-boarding platform for life in Germany or anywhere Relocation industry interestSeeking partners and contributorsSocial enterprise


Exit School

working title

Co-FounderJournalism school in Berlin2nd Phase: SEO and UX writing coursesIndustry partnerships established


Exit Coin

Co-Founder Crypto currency training: Hindi, Urdu, English Crypto tradingBlockchain development


Exit#6, Exit#5 and Exit#4The Exit Through The Language School Series Paper Cups as Hyperobjects Independence as an Idea, DalryBerlin Lesson 1

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